Miley cyrus salvia

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Teen singer and actress Miley Cyrus has reportedly come under fire from a group of activists antinarkotik after he caught drunk and smoked a bong containing hallucinogenic high. Similarly, as reported by website on Sunday (12/12).

Contactmusic preach, a video recording showing the Hannah Montana star was drunk and smoking bongs come in a virtual world on Friday last, making the father Billy Ray Cyrus worried and sad. In the video, too, that the star has now moved the age of 18 was allegedly smoking salvia psychoactive substances. Now, several parties have expressed readiness to condemn the actions of Cyrus.

Former California State Assemblyman, Anthony Adams, who had tried to ban the drugs back to California, United States, in 2007 called Cyrus a bad example. He tells website "You will do crazy things (under the influence of salvia.) Miley is a popular young stars and the children could imitate his behavior. This time it's time for state and federal government to renew the law prohibition of the forbidden substance. "

A spokesman for the U.S. Drug Prevention Agency or DEA added: "Salvia is a drug of concern. We are ready to take the steps to follow up this case

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