Miley cyrus smoking marijuana

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Billy Ray Cyrus admitted disappointment over video showing his daughter Miley cyrus smoking marijuana.

Country singer, who in the process of divorce with his wife Tish, was written in response to a recording that captures Twitter uncontrollable giggling girl 18 years after smoking pot with his friends.

"Sorry guys," he wrote to his fans, while giving the first official comment on the incident. "I do not understand."

"I am very sad," he continued. "There's a lot out of my control now."

This video was filmed at his home near Los Angeles, California, five days after Miley Cyrus on November 23 aged 18.

But the source insists the pipe was not filled with marijuana. Instead, he is said to have smoked salvia, powerful hallucinogenic herb. Herb that is legally sold in California - where the video was recorded - and in other states in America.

Hannah Montana star last month told MTV News that he is planning a "fun party" for her birthday.

TMZ reported that the clip was filmed by his friend, but later stolen. A source said: "Someone stole or copied the video from his camera."

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